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The Shediac Bay Watershed Association (SBWA) was founded in 1999 as a result of growing concerns among residents from various local communities over the ecological health of Bay of Shediac. The Association deals with issues related to water quality and habitat integrity.

The SBWA has been involved in numerous projects and initiatives over the past sixteen years including water quality monitoring and remediation projects as well as programs to increase awarenessto environmental best practices.

A lot has been done but much more has to be accomplished in order to fully understand the complexity of this ecosystem.

As a resident of the Shediac Bay watershed, you can play your part to ensure your continued enjoyment of the waterways you use and value. Help us restore, enhance and protect living resources, their habitats and ecological relationships to sustain all economic activities in our watershed and provide for a balanced ecosystem.

Our Vision – Communities working together to foster a healthy ecosystem that will sustain the quality of water for future generations.

Our Mission – The SBWA will accomplish its vision through education and community stewardship.

Our Purpose – To enable persons, associations and communities within the Shediac Bay watershed to participate in the development and implementation of a comprehensive environmental management plan for the bodies of water within the coastal area of the Bay of Shediac.

The Shediac Bay Watershed

A watershed is a geographical concept representing the area of land from which runoff (from rain, snow, and springs) drains to a body of water. Within each watershed, all water flows down to a common receptor such as a river, lake or bay.

On its way, water travels over the surface and across farm fields, forest land, residential lawns, and city streets, or it seeps into the soil and travels as groundwater.

The Shediac Bay watershed area covers 419.1 km2 of land area and stretches along approximately 36 km of coastline, from Cap de Cocagne to Cap Bimet, in south-eastern New Brunswick. The watershed’s boundaries extend inland from Scoudouc to Lutes Mountain.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

The Shediac Bay Watershed is managed by a volunteer board of directors following it’s consitution. (LINK PDF)

The Association also has a strategic plan (Link PDF Strategic plan 2015-16) that is updated every two to three years.

The current board members are:

  • Armand Robichaud – President
  • Denis Haché – Vice President
  • Frances Kelley – Secretary
  • Helen Hall- Tresorer
  • David Dunn – Past President
  • Art Melanson- Pointe du Chene LSD
  • Gerry Dionne- Scoudouc LSD
  • Gilles Thibault- Grande-Digue LSD
  • Sophie Landry – Beaubassin-Est
  • Germaine Gallant – Town of Shediac
  • Claude Léger
  • Pierre E. Landry
  • Leo-Paul Bourgeois
  • Marc Fougère
  • Petrina Ferris
  • Louis Vallée
  • Bill Belliveau

Funders and Partners

The Shediac Bay Watershed Association Board of Directors sends thanks to the numerous groups and individuals that contributed to making our programs a success.  In particular, the SBWA extends its appreciation to following individuals and organizations for their interest and involvement with the Shediac Bay Watershed Association.

  • New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund
  • New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Environment Canada
  • TDFEF, Toronto dominion Friend of the Environment Foundation
  • HRSDC Summer Jobs
  • Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
  • SEED Program NB Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
  • Town of Shediac
  • South-eastern Anglers Association
  • Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability (Coalition-SGSL).
  • Petitcodiac Watershed Monitoring Group
  • Friends of Kouchibouguacis
  • Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Comittee
  • Vision H2O
  • NBEN
  • Groupe de développement durable du pays de Cocagne
  • Gestion H2O
  • Shediac Market in the Park
  • Shediac Bay Marina
  • Pointe-du-Chêne Harbour authority
  • Dupuis Printing
  • Joe Caissie Seafood
  • Branch Design
  • Encorp Atlantic
  • Mgr-François-Bourgeois School
  • Grande-Digue School
  • Shediac Cape School
  • Maritime Fishermen’s Union
  • Homarus Eco-Centre
  • University of Moncton
  • Club les ami(e)s de la nature du Sud-est
  • Shediac Rotary Club


Rémi Donelle

Rémi Donelle



Jim Weldon

Jim Weldon

Project Coordinator


Jolyne Hébert

Jolyne Hébert

Environmental Technician


Contact us

You can reach us by phone at 506 533-8880 or drop in our office at 612 Main St., Suite D Shediac, NB E4P 2H3, or you can use the form below.


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Important Contacts

Environment Canada

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Moncton (506) 851-7825
Shediac (506) 533-5030

Department of Natural Resources
Sackville (506) 364-5044
General inquiries (506) 453-2207

New Brunswick Department of Environment of Local Government
Moncton (506) 856-2374

New Brunswick Department of Health and Wellness
Shediac (506) 533-3354
Moncton (506) 856-2401

Coast Guard
1 (888) 565-1633
VHF 16